Friday, February 7, 2014

show-up 2014

Last monday I went to show-up 2014. This event is for interior and accessories brands and webshop owners from The Netherlands and a few from France and Belgium. It is on a very small scale. Simple but sophisticated stand design and a nice fresh atmosphere. I'd like to share a few inspiring pictures of some design, patterns and brands. 

All gift wrapping ideas and pretty wrapping papers @

I was curious about what new design I would find there and if there are new trends. In my opinion there was not that much new design but there where a few trend which are continuing ths year:
- small graphical patterns in black and white
- small graphical patterns in pastel and neon (still neon for the consumers market)
- illustrations that look pendrawn, thin lines in black and white
- paper, cardboard, cork and wood. Natural materials that keep their natural looks. Plain, simple and matted.
- wrapping paper in the most vibrant and pretty patterns
- stamps, small and great for a tiny accent on your letters, giftwraps etc.
- gift tags with pretty patterns

Even though there were not that much new trends it was inspiring to be there.

Les Gambettes

Maison deco

La cerise sur le gateau

La cerise sur le gateau

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