Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet layering...

After dinner we love something sweet to eat. Try this dessert!! It will make all your guests very happy....

Three layers of: dark chocolate and orange zest brownie, an orange jelly and panna cotta with fine cut orange peel on top. On the side home made lemon curd...

If you want the recipe please contact me!

Some ideas for X-mas next year....

This year I had some new ideas for decoration in the house during X-mas... This deco is not traditional at all but looks lovely in a winter interior ready for the holidays.
Christmas tree made with a wooden board, nails and a string of wool. You can hang some decoration on the nails

stick with X-mas lights and deco
Every year you receive a lot of postcards during holiday season, put them together  in a tree shape

If you don't have enough room for a christmas tree, use a large vase with some twigs and decorate them 

These new decoration ideas made my house look very "Christmasy" and making it made me happy

Photo's and styling by Marieke de Greeuw for Brederode Wonen's Breeduit magazine

Sunday, December 18, 2011

pillow design...

Don't you love some color on you couch? I do, and these pillows make me very happy. They are available in different colors of 100% wool felt. There are 4 different designs.
 Button with handmade buttons of felt and stitching in fluor colors
Bo with big felt bo and and stitching in fluor colors
Pierced with metal rings and stitching in fluor colors
Rose with two felt flowers and stitching in fluor colors

The shown pillows are also available in basic natural colors like: brown, black, grey and white.
For more information check www.mariekesstyling.com (only in Dutch)
These pillows will soon be available on www.mdegreeuw.etsy.com/