Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flying tiger...

Today I found out that the "shoping" centre of my home town has a new store...

It is paradise for woman, lots of scandinavian designed stuff for the home, kids, kitchen, stationary etc. and all for very low prices starting with €1,-

Lots of things you can buy have beautifull scandinavian patterns amd quirky prints on It like wrapping paper, storage boxes, ceramics, candles, candle holderders etc.

And the name of the store is:

There are stores allover the world and in Holland you'll find them in: Almere, Arnhem, Utrecht, Nijmegen and now also in Haarlem.

Check the website to find a shop nearby:

Look what I bought: wrapping paper, hand cream, nailbrush with dots, quiky postcards, wooden & sign and glass jars with pretty checker pattern lit....